So How Does It Work?

TypeCount works by installing a small client application on each computer which can keep track of your typing, mouse movement, and mouse clicking. At a regular interval this application updates the local count to our server. This process takes place on each computer for which you have installed a client and logged in locally. That means that you have all of your information in a single place!

Are you secure?

Yes! Here are a few ways how we've put security into the core of TypeCount:
  1. We are using industry standard SSL encryption for all traffic between clients and our systems (and almost everywhere on our website)
  2. All passwords are stored with single-direction encryption (meaning we can't ever reverse it ourselves!)
  3. Never do we actually record specific words. We only record patterns, keys, and specific movements. You never have to worry about your password or other sensitive data being recorded, monitored, or transmitted.
  4. Account locking for invalid login attempts (brute force protection)
  5. Full account and email verification
  6. IP address monitoring for accounts

This sounds suspiciously like a key logger...

Technically, we are a key logger. What we are not (which most keyloggers are) is a "wordlogger". We will only record a pattern of timing for our word counts, we never actually record the pattern in which a key was used. For example, if you were to enter a word named abracadabra, we would never record the word itself. The only thing we would record is the count of each character (5 A's, 2 B's, 2 R's, etc).

Why does anyone want to record this?

This project started as a personal tracking for over a year before it was converted into TypeCount and opened to the world. Many people (including developers) care about their daily activity and how often they are using the computer, and in what capacity. Many people can actually use this information to make themselves more efficient! If TypeCount has helped you become more efficient, let us know how!
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